Libyan Spider’s Client Area Overview

What is LibyanSpider Client Area?

It’s a control panel for the clients where they can manage their products and services. Also, it provides quick access to the most commonly used functions.

Client area advantages?

  1. Changing your Account information.
  2. Viewing and managing all of your services and packages.
  3. Ordering and renewing Domain names.
  4. Ordering and renewing Hosting plans.
  5. Managing your billings and Invoices.
  6. Adding funds to your account.
  7. Open and manage support tickets.

What can you do in the Client Area?

Depending on which products you have, you can do most of the basic management functions including:

  1. Managing FTP access.
  2. Managing Email accounts and forwarders.
  3. Create new databases and database users.
  4. Add subdomains, addon domains, and aliases.
  5. Managing your domain DNS records.
  6. Installing new applications.
  7. Monitor your resource usages such as Disk Space and bandwidth.
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Updated on January 23, 2020

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