Compute points for Acronis Disaster Recovery


In Acronis Disaster Recovery, compute points are used for primary servers and recovery servers during test failover and production failover. Compute points reflect the compute resources used for running the servers (virtual machines) in the cloud.

The consumption of compute points during disaster recovery depends on the server's parameters, and the duration of the time period in which the server is in failover state. The more powerful the server and the longer the time period, the more compute points will be consumed. And the more compute points are consumed, the higher the price that you will be charged.

How to estimate compute points consumption

In the table below you can see eight different flavors for servers in the cloud. You can change the flavors of the servers in the Details tab.

TypeCPURAMCompute points
F11 vCPU2 GB1
F21 vCPU4 GB2
F32 vCPU8 GB4
F44 vCPU16 GB8
F58 vCPU32 GB16
F616 vCPU64 GB32
F716 vCPU128 GB64
F816 vCPU256 GB128

Using the information in the table, you can easily estimate how much compute points a server (virtual machine) will consume.

For example, if you want to protect with Disaster Recovery one virtual machine with 4 vCPU* of 16 GB RAM, and one virtual machine with 2 vCPU with 8 GB of RAM, the first virtual machine will consume 8 compute points per hour, and the second virtual machine – 4 compute points per hour. If both virtual machines are in failover, the total consumption will be 12 compute points per hour, or 288 compute points for the whole day (12 compute points x 24 hours = 288 compute points).

*vCPU refers to a physical central processing unit (CPU) that is assigned to a virtual machine and is a time dependent entity.

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Updated on July 6, 2023

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