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Through the catch-all default address setting lesson, you will learn how all emails are routed to a specific address if an email account is unavailable or incorrectly entered. If someone sends an email to and you don't have one, the pickup option will forward that email to your default email address.

What is a catch-all email account?

A catch-all email for a domain is the mailbox that will catch all the emails sent to a user that is not present on the server for a domain name. For example, if you are receiving an email to [email protected] where there is no such mailbox as a “user” in the server for the domain, then with a catch-all email address configured, all emails will end up at that domain.

Steps to set catch-all email

  1. Log in to your cPanel account.
  2.  Navigate to Mail section > Default Address menu.
  3. On the new page choose a domain name from the drop-down menu, check option Forward to the email address, and enter email address to which emails will be forwarded.
  4. Click on Change to save the change.


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Updated on August 16, 2020
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