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You can apply a protection plan to more than one workload in Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud. You can also apply multiple protection plans to the same workload.

To create a protection plan

  1. In the Cyber Protection console, go to Devices > All devices.
  2. Select the workloads that you want to protect, and then click Protect.
  3. [If there are already applied plans] Click Add plan.
  4. Click Create plan > Protection.
    The template for a protection plan opens.
  5. To modify the name of the protection plan, click the pencil icon.
  6. To enable or disable a module in the plan, toggle the switch next to the module name.
  7. To configure a module, click it to expand it, and then change the settings according to your needs.
  8. When ready, click Create.

    To create a protection plan with encryption, specify an encryption password. For more information about this feature, refer to Encryption.

To run a module on demand (such as Backup, Antivirus and Antimalware protection, Vulnerability assessment, Patch management, or Data protection map), click Run now.


When you create a protection plan, only the modules that are applicable to your type of workload are shown. For more information on the Disaster recovery module, refer to Create a disaster recovery protection plan.

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Updated on July 6, 2023
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