How to create files using Filezilla


FileZilla allows you to manage your files and folders creation process, and deleting, renaming, also modifying the permissions on the files and folders. Before you can do any of what was mentioned, you need to connect using FileZilla.

Accessing Filezilla

Through this link, you can download and install the Filezilla program, after downloading and installing the app enters your domain data than to start the connection with the server click Quickconnect. Host
username Username
yourpassword Password
21 port

Once you open the FTP connection, you will see a list of the server's files and folders. Drag and drop files and folders to the public_html folder below the remote site area. This way it will be accessed through your domain name.

Creating a directory or file

  1. Open FileZilla, as we described in the previous section.
  2. Right-click in the “Filename” Window underneath the “Remote Site” where you want to create a file or folder. This will open the options pop up box.
  3. Select the Create Directory option to create a folder.
  4. To create a file you select the Create new file option.
  5. Type in the name os the file or folder and click OK.
  6. The file or folder will show in your files on the server.

Other actions Filezilla can perform

  1. Download – This option allows you to download files and folders from the server to the local computer.
  2. Add files to queue – Allows you to schedule a subsequent file transfer.
  3. Delete – Allows you to delete files and folders.
  4. Rename – Allows you to rename files and folders.
  5. File Permissions – allow you to change file permissions for files and folders; You can change owner, group, and general permissions. You can specify whether the files are readable, writable, and executable.


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Updated on September 17, 2020

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