How to Get Started With ImunifyAV+


In this article, we will show you how Get Started With ImunifyAV+ in cPanel. ImunifyAV allows WebHost Manager (WHM) and cPanel users on Managed VPS / Dedicated servers to scan files and manage found malware.

How to access the ImunifyAV+ interface

  1. Login to cPanel.
  2. You will find ImunifyAV Under SECURITY.

How to run a Scan

  1. Once you reach ImunifyAV interface, you will find the Start scanning button.
  2. if you click on it ImunifyAV will start scanning your files.

You might see “Scanning queued…” instead of the “Start scanning” button, which means that files are queued for the scan.

How to view scan reports

You can check a list of infected files under the File tab. You will also see the following columns:

  1. Scan date: displays the exact time when a file was detected as malicious
  2. File: the path where the file is located starting with the root
  3. Reason: describes the signature which was detected during the scanning process.
  4. Status: displays the file status
    1. Infected: threat was detected after scanning. If a file was not cleaned after cleanup, the info icon is displayed. Hover mouse over the info icon to display the reason
    2. Cleaned: infected file is cleaned up
    3. Content removed: a file content was removed after cleanup
    4. Cleanup queued AV+: infected file is queued for cleanup.
  5. Actions:
    1. Add to Ignore List — add the file to Ignore List and remove it from the Malicious files list. Note that if a file is added to Ignore List, ImunifyAV will no longer scan this file
    2. View file — click the eye icon in the file line and the file content will be displayed in the popup. Only the first 100Kb of the file content will be shown in case if a file has a bigger size
    3. Cleanup AV+ — click to clean up the file.

How to clean files

  1. You can clean all infected files by clicking Clean up all.
  2. Or you can click on the Cleanup icon under Actions in File tab.

How to view tasks history

The history tab contains data of all actions for all files. Go to ImunifyAV > History tab.

How to restore a cleaned file

After your files are cleaned, you can restore them by clicking on the Restore original icon under the Actions in File tab.

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Updated on April 11, 2023
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