Paying with Aman pay QR

It is an online payment service provided by Aman Bank. Through Aman Pay QR service, invoices can be paid online. The steps depend on the Client Area, in addition to using the Aman Pay QR app. Here are the steps to pay invoices.

Choose to pay with Aman Pay QR

  1. Login to your account in the Client Area
  2. From your account click on Invoices
  3. Choose the invoice by clicking on it
  4. Chose Aman Pay QR through the payment methods
  5. Click on Pay now
  6. A pop-up window containing a QR code will appear

through the Aman Pay app

  1. Choose Masterbase Qr > Start Scan, scan the QR shown on the invoice screen
  2. After scanning, the data confirmation page will appear
  3. choose the bank account from the account list and enter the Amount

    the amount should match the invoice total amount.

  4. Click Send
  5. A confirmation window will show entered details
  6. Click confirm

Complete the payment

  1. The reference number will appear on the confirmation screen of the app
  2. Type the reference number  into the confirmation code field
  3. Click continue
  4. If the reference number is correct, the payment will be successfully done

  • If the entered reference number does not match the total value of the invoice, the invoice will not be paid
  • The reference number may be sent by text message, or by email. The process may take 5 minutes.
  • Aman Pay QR payment method can’t be used to add credit to your account 
  • The reference number should be entered in order to complete the payment process

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Updated on February 20, 2020

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