How to release a quarantined message in Professional Spam Filter


In this lesson, you will learn how to release a message from quarantine unit in the Professional spam filter. The incoming spam quarantine contains incoming messages that the filtering system rejects with a 5xx SMTP rejection code at the SMTP level. By default, quarantined spam is stored for 14 days. Temporarily rejected spam at the SMTP level are not quarantined and will be automatically retried by legitimate sending servers.

Releasing a message from quarantine in SpamExperts

  1. Log in to SpamExperts panel.
  2. From the SpamExperts control panel homepage, in the Incoming menu, click on logs.
  3. Search for the message you wish to release from quarantine and click Show Results.
  4. Now you can release the message by clicking on the dropdown menu to the right of the message marked as Spam, and choose Release and train from quarantine.


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Updated on December 9, 2021
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