How to update Whois data using the Client Area


In this article, you will learn how to update your whois information using the client area. It is important to keep your domain WHOIS contact information up-to-date at all times to avoid losing control of your domain.

updating Whois data using the client area

  1. Log in to your Client Area account. 
  2. From the side-menu click Domains > My Domains
  3. A list of your domains will be displayed, click on the More icon corresponding to the Selected Domain, and choose Manage Domain.
  4. The managing page will appear, scroll down and click Update the WHOIS contact information for your domain.
  5. The Contact Information page will appear, update your contact, and click Save Changes.

In order for the update process to be successful, you must observe the following in the condolence process:

  • When updating the data, make sure that all parts of the data are updated, Registrant Contact, Admin Contact, the Tech Contact, Billing contact.
  • In case selecting option to use Use Existing Account Contact, the data will be updated with the information of the account holder on the Client Area.

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Updated on March 9, 2021
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