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Download the agent that you need on the machine that you plan to protect. See Downloading Cyber Protection agents.

To install Agent for Windows

  1. Ensure that the machine is connected to the Internet.
  2. Log on as an administrator and start the installer.
  3. [Optional] Click Customize installation settings and make the appropriate changes if you want:
    • To change the components to install (for example, to disable the installation of Cyber Protection Monitor or the Command-Line Tool, or to install the Agent for Antimalware protection and URL filtering).

      On Windows machines, the antimalware protection and URL filtering features require the installation of Agent for Antimalware protection and URL filtering. It will be installed automatically for protected workloads if the Antivirus & Antimalware protection or the URL filtering module is enabled in their protection plans.

    • To change the method of registering the machine in the Cyber Protection service. You can switch from Use service console (default) to Use credentials or Use registration token.
    • To change the installation path.
    • To change the user account under which the agent service will run.
    • To verify or change the proxy server host name/IP address, port, and credentials. If a proxy server is enabled in Windows, it is detected and used automatically.
  4. Click Install.
  5. [Only when installing Agent for VMware] Specify the address and access credentials for the vCenter Server or stand-alone ESXi host whose virtual machines the agent will back up, and then click Done. We recommend using an account that has the Administrator role assigned. Otherwise, provide an account with the necessary privileges on the vCenter Server or ESXi.
  6. [Only when installing on a domain controller] Specify the user account under which the agent service will run, and then click Done. For security reasons, the setup program does not automatically create new accounts on a domain controller.
  7. If you kept the default registration method Use service console in step 3, wait until the registration screen appears, and then proceed to the next step. Otherwise, no more actions are required.
  8. Do one of the following:
    • Click Register the machine. In the opened browser window, sign in to the service console, review the registration details, and then click Confirm registration.
    • Click Show registration info. The setup program shows the registration link and the registration code. You can copy them and perform the registration steps on a different machine. In this case, you will need to enter the registration code in the registration form. The registration code is valid for one hour.
      Alternatively, you can access the registration form by clicking All devices > Add, scrolling down to Registration via code, and then clicking Register.

      Do not quit the setup program until you confirm the registration. To initiate the registration again, you will have to restart the setup program and repeat the installation procedure.

      As a result, the machine will be assigned to the account that was used to log in to the service console.
    • Register the machine manually by using the command line.
  9. [If the agent is registered under an account whose tenant is in the Enhanced security mode] Set the encryption password.
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Updated on June 20, 2022

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