Manage Domain Aliases

Domain Aliases enables you to add additional domain names to your hosting, and allows you to access your website when you enter one of these domain names. You can also add multiple Domain Aliases with different names to access your website.

How to create\ delete\ change domain Aliases

  1. Login into your account on the Client Area
  2. From the main menu click Hosting and Services> My Hosting and Services 
  3. A window will appear with a list of your hosts
  4. Click the hosting you want a 
  5. Window with a list of the features of your site control panel will appear 
  6. Click the Domain Aliases icon and the Product Management window will appear 
  7. Click Create Domain Aliases
  8. Enter the domain name in the New Domain Aliases field
  9. Click Add Domain
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Updated on February 19, 2020

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