Collaborate in real-time with Documents – LS Suite


You can share documents and collaborate online with your team in LS Suite to work in real-time on documentations wherever they are.


If you have the Productivity or Security+ plan in LS Suite, you can benefit from the collaboration feature.

Collaborate in real-time with Documents

  1. Log in to your LS Suite account.
  2. In Drive, select the document you'd like to collaborate on and click Edit from the toolbar.
  3. Once the document is open click on the File tab and click Share/Permissions from the toolbar.
  4. Enter the user's name or email address into the Invite people box, then click Viewer and select Reviewer from the dropdown menu to give them editing rights.
  5. You can type a message if you'd like, then click Share.
  6. When the person you are collaborating with opens the document you'll see a box called Collaborators that lists the people that are currently editing the document.
  7. A cursor with the name of the person who is making the edits appears next to changes as they make them.
  8. Now you can both edit the document at the same time.
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Updated on March 21, 2023
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