Recharge wallet balance using Libyan spider voucher


Recharge the wallet balance using the Libyan Spider vouchers. Libyan Spider Vouchers are available in many applications and on many platforms.

Libyan Spider vouchers selling points

Your Client Area account wallet balance can be charged by using the Libyan spider voucher, which is available at points of sale for the electronic balance Miza, Tadawul, and Twa. The locations of the points of sale can be found through the link of the Tadawul, Miza or Twa.

Mobile APPs that offers Libyan Spider vouchers

Libyan spider voucher is available at the following mobile applications:

  1. Wahada Bank customers can purchase LS voucher with Wahada mobile applications, they can recharge there LS wallet with a balance starting from 50 LYD to 1000 LYD.
  2. Dokkan e-shopping application where its users can purchase Libyan spider vouchers.
  3. Through Mobimal application, customers of the National Commercial Bank to purchase an LS voucher with a value that starts from 50 LYD and reaches 1000 LYD.
  4. Through the Moby Knapp application, where the customers of the North African Bank can purchase Libyan spider vouchers.
  5. SADAD application, Through the application, you can purchase Libyan spider cards in different categories.

recharge the wallet balance

  1. Log in to your account on the Client Area
  2. From the menu, choose Bills > Add credit
  3. The recharge wallet window will appear
  4. In the voucher number field enter the Libyan spider’s voucher number
  5. Click Add Credit button
  6.  A message will appear indicating a successful recharge
  7. In the event of a packing error, you will see a message indicating an error

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Updated on January 3, 2021

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