User Manager in Client Area

What is User Manager?

User Manager supports a variety of unique options to manage user accounts, including cPanel accounts, FTP accounts, and email accounts. The User Manager option in the client area allows the user to manage different subaccounts. Subaccounts use the same login and password information for email, FTP, and web disk services. This lesson will explain how to easily create new user accounts as well as handle the existing ones.

Access User Manager in Client Area

  1. Log in to the client area.
  2. In homepage, click on Cloud Services.
  3. From My Products & Services list, select the required Linux hosting service, which will direct you to the service management page.
  4. In Manage Account side menu, click on User Manager.
  5. Click on Add User icon to add a new account. In the pop-up window:
    • Under Account section, enter Username for the account, then enter the Full Name of the user, and Password for the account.
    • To create an email for the account, enable the Enable Email Subaccount in Email section. You may enable Unlimited Quota for the account, or set a limited quota by disabling Unlimited Quota.
    • To create an FTP account, enable the Enable FTP Subaccount in FTP section. Enter the required directory that the user can access under Home Directory.
    • In the Web Disk section, you may create a Web Disk subaccount by enabling the Enable Web Disk Subaccount. Select the Permissions allowed for the user as Read-Only or Read-Write. Enter the required directory that the user can access under Home Directory.
    • Click Create to finish creating the account.
  6. To edit the account permissions, data and info, click on the edit icon next to the account username in the list.
  7. Click on the delete icon next to the account username in the list to delete the user.
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Updated on December 6, 2022

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