How to manage MX records using cPanel


MX records (Mail Exchanger Records) are DNS resources that specify a server that will handle your domain email. When working with the default settings, you never need to adjust the settings for MX records on your server. Some people have an external DNS manager with a domain name that looks here, but MX records point to another location. To learn how to manage MX records using cPanel.

Set an MX record

  1. Login to your account on cPanel.
  2. In the Mail section, click the Remote MX Wizard icon.
  3. The Remote MX Wizard page will appear, choose the domain name you want by selecting it from the drop-down list.
  4. In the Add New Record box, select MX Entry priority, “0” zero is the highest priority.
  5. In the Destination box, enter the hostname of Mail Exchanger, enter a domain name and do not enter the IP address.
  6. Click Add New Record to save your changes.
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Updated on June 11, 2020
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