How to Restore Files using Acronis Backup in cPanel


For reliable cloud and local backup, you can restore files using Acronis backup for WHM & cPanel in web hosting services, as well as granular, self-service recovery of cPanel accounts, files, databases, and mailboxes.

Restore Files using Acronis Backup

  1. Login to your cPanel account and go to Acronis Backup.
  2. Under the Backups tab is the date of each recovery point in the backup server. Click on the date you are willing to restore your data, Next,
    • If you want to restore the website files click on Files.
    • If you want to restore the website database click on Databases.
    • If you want to restore the email messages click on Files > mail followed with your domain name for example (mail/

3. Select the file or the database or the email you want to restore and click on Recover. A message will appear with In progress status, it will take some time to finish. And when it’s done, a message with Succeeded status will appear.

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Updated on August 11, 2020

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